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Maianthemum racemosum
Feathery or false Solomon’s seal, Treacle berry
Medeola virginiana
Indian cucumber root
Monarda fistulosa
Wild bergamot, Wild beebalm
Morella caroliniensis
Northern bayberry, small bayberry, candleberry
Myrica gale
Sweetgale, Bog myrtle
Nyssa sylvatica
Black tupelo, Sour gum, Black gum
Ostrya virginiana
Eastern hop-hornbeam, Ironwood
Packera aurea
Golden groundsel, Butterweed, Heart-leaved groundsel
Phegopteris connectilis
Long beech fern, Northern fern
Pinus strobus
Eastern white pine
Prunus maritima
Beach plum
Pycnanthemum muticum
Clustered mountain-mint, Broad-leaved mountain-mint, Blunt mountain-mint, Short-toothed mountain mint
Rhododendron canadense
Rhodora, Canada rosebay
Rhododendron viscosum
Swamp azalea, Clammy azalea
Rubus odoratus
Flowering raspberry, purple-flowering raspberry, thimbleberry
Salix discolor
Pussy willow
Sisyrinchium montanum
Blue-eyed grass
Solidago caesia
Blue-stemmed goldenrod, Wreath goldenrod, Axillary goldenrod
Solidago canadensis
Canada goldenrod
Solidago flexicaulis
Zigzag goldenrod, Broadleaf goldenrod
Spiraea tomentosa
Steeplebush, Hardhack, Rosy meadowsweet
Symphyotrichum lateriflorum
Calico aster, Goblet aster, Side-flowering aster